Monday, June 03, 2013

Power of Doodling

Have you ever heard of Lynda Barry? She's a cartoonist that I've loved pretty much forever and is also a teacher, she teaches writing and creativity and image creation classes.
She was on NPR recently and this interview is really worth a listen.  Especially if you like to doodle while you're listening to something or are interested in the brain and creativity. Here's an older interview too.

Speaking about the making of images: "I believe with all my heart they have an absolute biological function," she says. "They are not decoration. They are not an elective. They have a function."

I've checked out her books from the library so many times that I've finally broken down and bought them.  They're packed with the sort of inspiring creative energy that is just plain fun to read and look at over and over.  I highly recommend both of these books,  for image making, writing, collage, do-it-yourself art therapy and inspiration      

Someday I hope I can take a class with her, it sounds like she's quite a teacher.

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