Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On Dresses

I'm really enjoying reading the One Hundred Dresses on A Dress A Day  as Erin McKean goes through her own  closet and shows us one hundred dresses that she's made, one per day.  Including pockets! That match and/or contrast!
  And I'm also really looking forward to reading her new book The Hundred Dresses which is all about dress archetypes. 
I honestly don't know why I like reading dress blogs like hers and this refashioning one, New Dress A Day  so much, because I hardly own any dresses, much less wear them. I guess I'm an aspirational dress enthusiast? Or something? Maybe subconsciously since I've been housewife-ing for a while now I'm just exhibiting my deep-seated internalization of 50's sit-com re-runs like "Leave it to Beaver"
 (stop laughing, that's not nice) 
 It's not like I think I should be wearing a dress (and heels and pearls) everyday, of course not.  But dresses still mean something to me even though I don't wear them much.  I guess I like the idea of them more than the reality perhaps?  Usually when I wear a dress it's for a special occasion, which means fun, and socializing.   Something different than the usual day-to-day.
So buying fabric and patterns to make a dress is a way of looking forward to and pre-celebrating a special occasion.  A way of extending the fun that's to come I think.
Hmmm...Do I have time to get a new dress together to wear to my son's outdoor high school graduation on Friday?  Maybe!


Ann Brooks said...

Julie, You always have the most interesting posts. I love reading them.

Jaye said...

Great thoughts on why we like dresses, even if we don't wear them. I have to agree with you on a lot of the points you make.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks so much Ann, I'm glad to hear you enjoy reading my posts!

Thanks Jaye, I was thinking about you a little when I wrote that.

And by the way, no, I did not make a new dress for graduation, wore an old skirt that I made.