Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Table-Full of Work

A table-full of all the work I made at the recent CQFA retreat in Half Moon Bay.  It was a successful retreat for me, I brought the right amount of stuff (instead of way too much), had enough interesting fabrics to work with and was inspired by all the others around me busily working on all their own projects.  I worked on quilting something from last year's retreat (Back right side), made a collaged quilt with old calendar towels and started quilting it (back left), finished quilting the recent round robin in a day project from the last CQFA meeting (that's in the left front), assembled a top inspired by Hong Kong (center front), assembled a remnant fabric plus special hand-dyes top which needs to be quilted now (right front).  Once all of these are done done I'll post better pictures of each one with closeups.  Promise.
I really was inspired to get so much work accomplished, it felt really good to concentrate on making new things in a room full of fun people to talk too.

Here is my friend Jaye hard at work on her FOTY (Fabric Of The Year) quilt.  This year the shape is triangles.  She spent a whole lot of time arranging them to get the color effect she wanted and then was painstakingly sewing them together in groups.  Not all together by the time the retreat ended so we helped pin everything in place to the flannel design wall so she could roll it up and take it home.  That's a pretty handy thing those portable design walls.
I wish I'd taken more pictures of what everyone was working on, but I guess I was immersed in making my own stuff this year.  Can't wait for next year's retreat!

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