Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Frozen Moats and Red Sunsets

Some random picture from The Forbidden City in Beijing.  This was the sun set towards the end of our day there.  Shows the pollution pretty well, the sky reminded me of when we have forest fires in our area.

The moat outside the Forbidden City walls is huge, we were close to the center of one side when I took this picture.  Yes it was completely frozen over, and no, nobody was ice-skating on it.  Alex bought one of the ubiquitous face masks at a 7-11, it worked well for the pollution and the cold.

Another side of the frozen moat.  I really liked this picture of Zach.

One of the corner towers as seen from outside the city walls.  It really reminded me of something made out of Legos until you look closer and see all the curves and intricate designs.

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