Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sleep, Sleep Through The Night

Here's another recent gift I've made, this time for my newest niece Charlotte!  It's a double flannel blanket, started out at about 1yard and 1/4.  I received one like this and it was one of my favorite gifts I ever received as a new mom.  Just such a handy size and shape for all sorts of situations.  It will get softer and softer every time it gets washed.  I thought this donut hole print was fun and lively.
I was going to stitch words all around the edge, but it felt a little too stiff, so I just stuck to the first part of a e line of a song I used to always sing my boys to sleep with.  "Sleep, Sleep Through The Night".  Nope, they don't remember me singing it to them, so I did when I was asking them and they liked it.
MLK by U2
Sleep, Sleep Through the Night
And may your dreams be realized
If the thundercloud passes rain
So let it rain
Let it rain
Rain on me
So let it be
So let it be

In case you've never heard the song, give a listen, it is not your usual U2 song, and it starts out very very quietly.

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