Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Primal Green Experience

Here's a look at  CQFA's Primal Green show (through 7/30) that is now showing at the San Francisco Public Library.  First up is the official sign announcing the show, isn't it beautiful all lit up?  The quilts are scattered around through the whole area, and there is a map showing where to find them.

 Here is the view from the table before all the guests for our talk arrived.  It was a little nerve-wracking waiting for the panel discussion to start, so I distracted myself by taking pictures.  I kind of wish I'd taken one when the audience was there! It was a fun experience being part of the panel and I was really glad I got asked to do it.
 Thanks mom for taking this picture of me in front of my piece "Lorabund 3-step"
 I really liked the displays of ATC's that were put together, mine is on the lower row second from left.
 One of the coolest things in this beautiful new library building is this long curving wall that is covered in the cards from the old card catalog. 
I guess they let people write on them and "art" them up.  It makes for a beautifully textured wall, just fascinating and a great way to re-use/re-purpose/recycle.

I hope you can go see the exhibit!

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