Sunday, May 29, 2011

From Leather to Kaleidoscopes

 Going a little crazy (or bored) recovering from hand surgery, so I made a couple of kaleidoscopes from a recent picture taken on my work table.  I'm happy to report that I can now wiggle the tip of my pinky finger, so far that has made the surgery worthwhile.
Can you tell what the source picture might be?
 Well it starts out with some leather.  Small leather samples from a recent trip to FabMo.  I snagged them because of all the great and varying textures.

All the shiva paintstik  colors got a try with each of the patterns, but the yellow light pearl didn't show on the white fabric of course.

  So here it is on black fabric.  And that's the source picture for the kaleidoscopes at the top of this post. Tada!

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Jaye said...

If you are going a bit stir crazy, you must feel better generally. I didn't read these kinds of posts from you last year with your other recovery times. YAY!!!