Sunday, January 16, 2011

That Was Some Week

Here is number 41 in the weekly series of six-word memoir quiltlets from last year.  Yes, it was surgery week, middle of October.  And no, I didn't complete this quiltlet actually in that week (obviously!), but soon thereafter.   This one is not too exciting or innovative, as far as materials go, the hospital bracelets are some type of Tyvek-ish material, easy to sew through, and the three circular metallic snap/plastic things are from the EKG. 
I wish I'd stolen one of my hospital gowns to use as the background, but I didn't think of it at the time (gee I wonder why?!).  The gowns were actually quite raggedy with a lot of fraying and holes which really surprised me. (so were the sheets now that I recall.)  I almost used red thread for the stitching, but thought that would be a bit too much since there was already the red-orange allergy tags.

Words say: "Surgery Over Quickly. Sent Home Fast".  And thank goodness for that.  As anyone knows who has ever spent the night in hospital, it is really hard to get any rest.  Even though they've got you on these great mind-wiping drugs, the nurses have to keep waking you up to take your blood pressure, etc.  I know, I know that it is necessary and all, but it is really irritating, and a good indicator of when it is time for me to get out of there and get home.  I was glad I ended up being there for only two nights, especially since it meant that the biopsy was normal, pshew!).  Guess this was a celebration quiltlet in a way.

The sewing machine needle got pretty gummed up as I sewed around the EKG discs, that glue that sticks the disc to your skin is really something.  I had to keep stopping and wiping the needle off with some rubbing alcohol.  It probably didn't have to be stitched as that glue wasn't going anywhere, but just in case...


Lutra said...

That is really cool!
I have one from each of the kids and a few of the grand kids as well... I think I'll have to make a little page like this for the baby books... What fun... And I know what you mean about sleeping in a hospital.... after working in one or another most of my life... it was the worst thing to have to be a patient and attempting to rest and recover.

Jaye said...

Really nice job on the hospital quiltlet!