Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a great start. 

Here is number 40 of last year's weekly six-word memoir quiltlets.
This quiltlet was made with mostly commercial scraps from a Thanksgiving/fall project I was working on, as well as a piece of metallic fabric and some of my hand-dyed scraps.  I threw in some glass beads at the top as well. 
I made this piece the week before my hip surgery was to take place and found that I wasn't comfortable having the words plainly spelled out.  Too hard to confront that closely I suppose, so I hid them with the metallic flocked fabric.
The words read: "Paralyzed By Fear Of What's Ahead". And so I was.  Hard to be that honest with yourself really, but I will say that I felt a lot better after I made this piece.  Somehow getting it down on the fabric and out of my head was a useful exercise.  Looking back a few months now, I'm sure glad to have gotten past the fear I was experiencing.
Just twelve more to show you now!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I remember waiting for my second hip surgery---the first had been so bad I figured nothing could be worse.
I had a few panic moments, but basically wanted to just DO IT and be done.
But I like the way you dealt with it...there, but hidden. ;-)


Cari Ferraro said...

Ah Julie, this is why they call it art THERAPY. It's so good to get it out, put it into the art. This piece is BEAUTIFUL. I love the colors, and I love that it was your way of coping. Thanks for sharing.


Julie ZS said...

Absolutely Anne, acknowledge the fear and then "do it anyways".

Thanks Cari, yes absolutely art therapy, no doubt about it. Glad you liked the piece!

Jaye said...

I find that getting the feelings out in some way - I write in my journal - REALLY helps. I know it is there if I want to read it, so I don't have to carry it around anymore....which reminds me. I have been worrying about something and should get it out.