Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't Look at the Sun!

Don't look at the sun! One of the fun things with a camera is to make it look at the sun for you. Saves your eyes, and sometimes results in an interesting picture.
I'm trying to spend some time outside each day when there is sun and see if it improves my mood.
So anyways, this is the view off of our deck in the late afternoon.
We are debating cutting down the three trees in the foreground as they are growing so quickly, soon we will have only a view of them.
It is hard when you live in a forest to keep your view open. But I hesitate because they are so beautiful, young and strong. They are doing just what they are supposed to do, and I am set to destroy them just because they are in my way. Is it immoral, I wonder? It isn't as if having this view off our deck is essential to our continuing on in a living state. We would use them for firewood, so at least they wouldn't go to waste. It would give other trees and shrubs a chance for the sunlight, so they could grow. I go back and forth, and they continue growing up and out, year by year.
Maybe if the chainsaw that got left out in the rainstorm this week starts, I'll take that as sign that this is the year they go.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Colorado and up in the high country there has to be a vegetation (as in trees and bushes) zone around a home. This will help firefighters in case of wildfire. I don't know if this helps assuage the guilt at having to cut down trees but think of it as a preventative measure!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant vegetation FREE zone

Deb R said...

I don't like cutting down trees often, but sometimes you need to. You just do. I'd say cut them and use them for firewood and then look around for other places you could plant something new that would fit the space better - if not trees and not there, then maybe shrubs that have flowers and/or berries somewhere else on your place. That would help out birds and photosynthesis and all that good stuff. My opinion, FWIW.

deb said...

Cut them down and then replant new ones someplace where they will get to live long, undisturbed lives.

I am in the process of converting 7/10 acre of lawn into something wilder that won't ever need cutting.

Sande said...

I enjoy trees but if I lived somewhere with a nice view I would definitely make sure there weren't too many trees in the way!
And...don't look at the sun through a camera lens, especially a contributes to cataracts.