Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ten Things Meme

Thanks to DebR for this meme, even though it isn't Friday today. Why do we like these memes so much Deb? Is it the self-analysis, getting to talk about ourselves even more, liking to fill out all the boxes on a form, or??? it is, one day early:

The 10 Things Meme

10 Things I liked as a teenager, but don't like now:
1. Going to church
2. Summer vacation
3. Reallllly tight jeans
4. Hot rollered hair, every day, no matter what.
5. Bartle & James Wine Coolers, or wine-in-a-box
6. Hot weather
7. Being deeply tanned, with the help of basting by Johnson&Johnson Baby Oil
8. Riding a bicycle
9. Disco music
10. A long list of semi-rock bands: Foreigner, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Loverboy.

Things I didn't like as a teenager, but do like now:
1. Coffee
2. Dogs
3. Going anywhere without makeup on.
4. Hard alcohol.
5. Driving long distances
6. Art Galleries
7. Math
8. Making art
9. Wearing sunscreen
10. Babies (I thought they were quite scary)

10 Things I've never liked and probably never will:
1. Wearing a bra(when you gotta,you gotta)
2. Country and Western music (except for a few, like Johnny Cash)
3. Intolerance in any form
4. Rap music
5. Dishonesty (in myself or others)
6. Getting a Pap smear.
7. The whole idea of war. Sing it with me:(War,What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!)
8. Forgetting people's birthdays
9. Whiskey, even the really good stuff
10. Running out of time every day to do what I want to.

10 Things I've always liked and probably always will:
1. Going to bed late and getting up early
2. Knowing a little bit about everything
3. Gardening
4. Sewing
5. Reading
6. Traveling to foreign countries
7. Chocolate
8. Having long hair
9. Cotton sweaters.
10. Funny socks that are at least 60%cotton.

See that wasn't so bad, why don't you do it now??


lyssa said...

My DH says that foreigner is a genuine rock band, not semi-rock. :)


Deb R said...

I STILL like all those "semi-rock" bands. You listed some of my favorites. My favorite local radio station is a classic rock station that plays that stuff.

As far as why we like these quizzes and memes so much, I'd say all of the above to your guesses.