Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Color Harmony Completed

Here's how the final piece looks, I'm sending it off today for the California Fiber Artist's show "Tranquility, Harmony, Renewal & Peace" at the Auburn Arts Building Gallery. Opening reception will be held on 8/11 from 6-9pm. I won't be there unfortunately, but my quilt will be!

And again here is a detail so you can see the quilting closeup and personal. Lots and lots of thread was used as you can see. It was fun and I'm very impressed with how well my Janome 6500 worked with all of this freemotioning. I still do not like stitching on fused fabric, so sticky, gummed up the needle, just with Steam a Seam, sheesh! Think I'll stick with glue stick.
I had to figure out which needle to use too, ended up using an Embroidery needle instead of a Sharp or Quilting, that handled the rayon really well with no shredding.

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Kate West said...

Best of luck with the quilt show! I hope you win. :-)