Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Show Off Shoes

So, for you knitty folks, I've found the perfect shoe for showing off your lovingly hand-knitted socks, the waterproof see-through boot. Must have maximum size 10 child's feet though, sorry grownups need not apply :( Might just have to get some for my brand-new niece (and learn to knit too).
I was looking for some new muck shoes to wear in the garden on the advice of Dr. Leda Horticulture the hilarious rosarian columnist from Regan Nursery. She even mentions Manolo the shoe blogger in her recent column.
I've been wearing the sturdy, plastic/rubber Birkenstock look-a-like's for 5 years, and they are deadly slick on the bottom. Like if I mowed the lawn I'd been in danger of losing a toe or something. So I need some new treads. I don't like wearing the garden clogs (just fill up with mud, and are tooo hot in the California sun), or old tennies (too many stickers and burrs in the yard), so it looks like the Muck super sandals are it, easy on the feet, easy to get off when wet, easy to rinse off and keep my feet cool. Just have to find some IRL (in real life).
But I may just need to get these zebra wellies for the upcoming rainy season from the Wellie Art shop:


Deb R said...

I am so bummed that the see-through boots are just for kids! I don't knit (well, not socks anyway) but I have lots of funky store-bought socks I'd love to wear with see-through shoes, dammit!

The zebra wellies are great.

debra said...

Some of the knit stores were selling clear shoes for sock knitters a couple years ago... so those might still available. But you're right, you'd have to learn how to knit socks, first. And I'd find those shoes way too hot to wear.

You can wear those sandals while gardening? I need more foot protection than that to protect from the star thistle and such.

Kate West said...

Those see-through boots are too cool! I wish they came in adult sizes. *pout* I'd have to learn to knit, too, but if I had some I would certainly learn. LOL.

filambulle said...

Her.. ladies... actually I think I know where to find those see-through shoes in adult sizes... But it's here, in Lausanne, Switzerland! (They may come from Germany or Sweden?) And as I'm not even a knitter, I won't use that knowing (do you say knowing? well...)!
So maybe if you try hard, you may find them too? (or come visit me?)