Tuesday, August 08, 2017

August ATCs

The ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) that I made for CQFA this time were a mixed-media collage process as usual.

I started out with a mottled dark green fabric and stitched it to a batting/backing in parallel lines.

Then I started changing the fabric, first with big dots of Tee Juice in gray.

Then using the fine point Tee Juice I connected the dots.

 I then added some dots of gold with a Zig leafing pen and lighter green splotches with a Seta Skrib marker. I liked the overall look especially when chopped up into ATC size (2.5 x 3.5")
 Here's all 6 that I made.

 Measuring tape printed cotton knit ribbon was chopped up to show one number in each section.
 I dug through my button stash and found a bunch of brownish buttons that looked good with the green fabric.
 Lastly I stitched some X's on by hand with lime green cotton thread.
 There were a lot of buttons in my stash that worked, plastic, wood, metal, leather.
This wonky-edged one with the messed-up button was the one I kept for my collection.

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