Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wandering Wednesday: SF Opera at the Ballpark

 It took a long while to get really dark at the San Francisco Opera at the Ballpark simulcast this year. It got cold pretty fast though, but our seething at the incorrigible and horrible Don Giovanni kept us warm.
 When the masqueraders appeared, we couldn't stop laughing, those headdresses were probably four feet high, and were maybe feathered? The singing and performances were divine, what a story.
 I'm so bad at scenic couple selfies, I try, but the angle is always hard to get. At least we're both smiling. And yes, Marc is wearing a SF Opera ball cap. He went to get drinks and came back with a hat, giggling about the opera having a ball cap the whole way.It is pretty funny.
 Son Alex and his Zoe, photo credit to my dad.
 My parents! They're the ones that got us going to this every year. I'm glad I was raised up listening to opera, thanks!
 I like the blurry background of this one, looking over McCovey Cove back towards the park.

The Bay Bridge lights as seen through an instagram filter.

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