Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Various ICAD

 Ten more ICAD, Index Card A Day, these are all 4x6".

 I re-purposed some note taking, figuring cards used while I was working on assembling the bullseye quilt to take to the quilter. I thought they made interesting backgrounds to begin with instead of just blank white.
 An actual sketch kind of thing. I forgot how much I love Stabilo pens.
 These sparkly pearly watercolors are fun to layer.
 Pen and watercolor pencil.

Including some bonus Lyrics to "Add It Up"

 Watercolor pencil over notes and doodles.
 These last two are my favorites of the whole bunch.


Jaye said...

It is so great that you are doing ICAD! Your pieces are wonderful

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks! I'm having a ton of fun with them, it's good to have a little daily thing to do.