Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thread Storage

 Threads have been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because of the new Aurifil I've been collecting thanks to the Cotton Club's monthly collection. I think I might have enough now, far short of the 236 colors available, but wow is this ever nice thread! At first I figured it was all hype, but nope, this is the good stuff. But I had to think about how to store it, so I could see all the colors. I'm using a flat box that I think is intended for scrapbooking, but it fits perfectly. Now that it's all full I guess I have to call it quits on buying more. (or get another one of these boxes)
 So I started thinking about how I store all of my thread, there's several methods that I use. I mostly divide them up by type of thread material. I store the bigger thread cones on this wooden wall rack. I love how this looks and it is very handy, but the cones do get dusty on the top and I do worry about the light fading them since a lot of them are rayon. I guess I could fashion some sort of clear dust cover that might help and attach it at the top.
Here's one of the two jumbled-up plastic drawers of thread, this one holds all the cotton or polyester thread spools. It never behaves no matter how many times I sort it. So many different shapes and sizes of spools, impossible to organize. And probably too many in here too.
 The Sulky box of rayons is getting less crowded as I use up all the little spools. I haven't bought new Sulky in quite a while now, not sure why? Out of fashion or maybe I've just been in using-up mode. The lid on this plastic box is discoloring with age now, but the threads still seem okay. Although those metallics are still so finicky to stitch with. This is a bad use of this box though because the Sulky spools don't fit standing up on the pegs, they're a smidge too tall. But I really do like seeing the colors of the threads, when I look in the box, it's easier to find the one I want to use.
Here's the same type of box with larger spools, they're mostly upright on the pegs like they're supposed to be, but it's not showing the colors off for me on most of the spools.

Obviously, I have plenty, probably too much thread already, it's the plague of too-much, first-world problems, right?  When I look at it like this all in one place, I find that there's a historical, almost journal-ish quality to many of the threads in my collection, they mark different stages I've gone through in my quilting journey. So many techniques tried out, learned, dabbled with, discarded, a few mastered, and a lot of them have required very specific threads. Thus the variety. Spice of life even when it comes to threads apparently.

  • What is the solution for thread storage? 
  • Is there one when there's so much variance in sizes and shapes of spools?
  • I want to have light/dust protection and still be able to see the colors when I'm in thread-selection mode, maybe I have to invent something for myself? 
  • What system of thread storage have you found works best for you?

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