Thursday, May 23, 2013

Design Exercise the First

 As part of a new small group I'm a member of, I had to make a small piece incorporating three symbols that each of us chose. I chose a spiral, which surprised no one. The other two members chose a kind of S shape (not-exactly sine wave but close) and a triangle.  We were all recently reading the book
Design By Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design by Maggie Macnab (I highly recommend this book!, It is very well done and thought-provoking), and we adapted some of the ideas about design and pattern into this group exercise.  It was really interesting to see what the other two group members came up with, all three were completely different.

I started out first with a three part background all in greys. I kept the irregular edges of the fabric pieces 'as-is' for visual interest.
The shapes were quilted and drawn in each section, spiral, S-shape and then triangle. I drew the shapes with a fabric marker, and added the dots at all the corners of the triangles because of a pen mistake.  That made me think of architectural style drawings, so I went back and drew over the shapes, adding fig.1, etc.

My original plan was that this would be the background and I'd add additional fabric shapes on top of all this.  But I was pretty happy with how it looked at this point so I stopped there.  This end design turned out to not combine the shapes quite as much as I really wanted to though. I will probably try this exercise again as I found it really useful and I'd like to see what else I could come up with.


Jaye said...

I have that book as well. I have read some of it, but stalled out. The tone is a bit....hhmmm something. Not my style. I am going to get back to it, though. Let me know what you think. Glad to see you posting again!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

The tone is definitely different, but once you get past it, there's a lot of great information in there. And the exercises are well-thought out as well as challenging.
Thanks for inspiring me to start posting again!