Thursday, January 03, 2013

Working On Windmills

Working on Windmills again, (be nice, I could certainly be Tilting at Windmills here, in fact that will be my title the next time I talk about this project.).
I've been laying all these out, trying different combinations of dark/light, prints/colors, etc. Not sure the pattern interplay between the blocks comes out very well using all prints together like this, so I might have to end up cutting hand-dyed solids to go with all the prints.  I think the blocks that have prints with close-to-solids read much better.  But I probably need to lay out even more to see what the overall effect is with a bigger selection.
So hmmmm.
More thinking about this one is in order.  I don't want to go to all the work of piecing this thing and not even be able to see the pattern you know?  So it might be a matter of laying this out very carefully instead of sewing it all randomly together (which is of course my first and admittedly lazy instinct).  What do you think?

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Jaye said...

You have done a good job matching up colors, but I agree. Perhaps we will need to cut a constant to show off the windmill? We can discuss and see if it is something we can do together to make the cutting go faster.