Saturday, January 05, 2013

Finally A Pillowcase!

One of the few things I managed to actual make this year as holiday gifts, a pillowcase!  This was a kit that I bought at one of the local stores.  I had lots of directions for pillowcase making already, but had never gotten around to doing one, and this elephant fabric was just too hard to resist.The directions weren't the clearest in the world (at least to me), and I'm not all that great at 3-D visualizing, so it took a while to figure out.  But after re-pinning several times at last I had it and it was quite a nice trick the way it all turns out.  All the seams contained so no raveling to worry about.
 And my niece seemed to like it which was the whole point after all.
This is a good video that shows all the steps which I wish I'd searched out, it would have been helpful!

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