Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bears Will Not Quit

I had to try it.  Gummi Vodka Bears.
Apparently the "new thing" in bars, replacing Jell-O shots.
I used the Big Bear size, which are about 3x the size of regular gummi bears.  I saw some recipes that used gummi worms and gummi sharks, so anything gummi is supposed to work.  And the only thing I read not to use was Swedish Fish, which are more wax based I guess and they just melt together.

How do they taste you ask?  Well, depends on the color, some of them taste very medicine-ish to me, especially the red, but I've always been sensitive to the taste of food colorings so I'm probably not a good judge on that.  Some just tasted like cheap popsicles, with a blast of vodka.  The texture is still chewy, slightly slimy but not too much and just a little bit squishy.  On the whole, pretty good, and just a fun treat, plus they're pretty, see above.

The "recipe" if you want to try it is to:

  1. Put the gummis in a bowl, I'd recommend glass or ceramic
  2. Mostly cover with vodka
  3. Cover with plastic wrap 
  4. Refrigerate for 2 days or until the vodka gets absorbed completely.  
  5. Don't eat too many at once.  
  6. Hide from teenagers if at all possible (I told him I was keeping track of how many were left!).

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