Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All Along The Coast

 A recent spontaneous trip up the Northern California to Oregon coast to deliver our son Zach back to college after spring break led to us finally getting to drive through a redwood tree.  After all these years living in a redwood forest, I can finally say I've driven through one. I had to drive for about 6 hours to get there to do it as this is the Chandelier Tree in Leggett, California.  Good thing we had the smaller car, I don't think my SUV would have fit!

We drove through many times, got our money's worth oh yes we did.  Even if it was pouring rain, still was worth the $5 admission.  Skipped the gift shop, we've got all the burl items we can use thankyouverymuch.

 It was really interesting to stand in the tunnel and feel the weight of the enormous tree around and overhead.

 Such a rainy day for a drive, but it was really beautiful too.

 The beaches are rockier and darker than the ones near us.  Oh and a lot colder and windier too:

 The next day we drove over the border into Oregon and the sun broke through just as we got to the Dunes park! Woohoo! Luckily there is a part set aside for non-motorized visitors, otherwise we would have been dodging all the ATV's and motorcycles.

Steep steep steep, but fun to roll down once you get to the top.
I was just happy to be out of the car and walking around soaking up some sun.

I  think this might be one of my favorite pictures of Marc and the boys.

The reflection of the trees in the slowly moving water was mesmerizing.  I really liked this one a lot.


Karoda (nickname) said...

what refreshing views...i'm so in need of a change in scenery!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

It really is beautiful there. I hope you get a chance to have a change of scenery soon too Karoda.

Jaye said...

Fabulous views and so many flowers in your blog lately! Gorgeous.