Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the Road Again

 I'm out of the studio and on a road trip with my sons, we're just driving, listening to music, talking, stopping when we feel like it.  So with wifi at our hotel, I'm going to inflict some vacation pictures on you, just because they're so different than what I usually post. 

On this trip at first it was just my youngest (Alex) and I, because my oldest (Zach) had flown up to Washington a few weeks ago to visit with friends and go to a music festival.   So we drove up to Port Townsend to pick him up and then drive back home again.  What a treat it is to get to spend this time with just us together, I'm really enjoying it, I love that my boys are so much fun to talk to and be with.

Zach is going to be moving up to Washington for college pretty soon in the fall, so we wanted to spend some time up here getting to know the area a little better.  Alex and I were noticing it is a really long drive up from where we are in California, it just takes a loooong time to even get out of our state (about 6 hours!) and across the border.

But I'm reminded from all those many driving family vacations I went on as a kid, that it is fun to take that slower pace instead of flying and see more of our country and talk to people in new places.  Alex got to go to Walmart for the very first time, seriously, he'd never been to one, what a concept huh?
On the second day of our trip driving through Olympia, Washington (state capital), we noticed that you keep seeing the capitol dome everywhere, around every corner it seemed.  So a picture had to be taken while we were in pursuit of lunch.  And note the blue sky, seems that was all we're going to see for a couple days.
 Because here is how it looks this morning from our hotel room in Port Townsend. greygreygrey.
 With masts appearing over rooftops like bare trees.
The shore is grey, the water reflects the grey fog, the coast in the distance is grey too.  Good thing I like grey.

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