Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eggs-actly My Point

Just because it is a Sunday here is a completely off-topic post all about eggs.
We love keeping chickens, the fresh eggs are the best, so tasty and fresh, the chickens like to eat weeds and kitchen scraps, make regular contributions to the compost pile ingredients, they aren't too much trouble, and I find their antics and noises very entertaining. 
There was a big hubbub in the coop recently and I gathered the eggs afterward.  I think I figured out what the upset was, look at the size of that egg.  It is huge, almost twice the size of the others.  Let's just say, that I'd have been squawking extra too!
I had to take this picture to prove it to those who weren't around to see it.  Because we then had to open the egg up immediately just to see what was inside.  Just a double yolk.  With our first chickens we once got a huge egg like this, and inside was another egg (weird!), no picture of that unfortunately.  I liked how this picture turned out with the green towel and the shadows.
The lid of the egg carton wouldn't even close!
That reminds me I need to take some pictures of this new group of chickens, one of them is really huge compared to the other two.


Dolly Smith said...

that's a big egg

Gerrie said...

Eggstra large!