Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robots At Maker Faire

 I forgot to make some posts about all the great stuff I saw at Maker Faire this year.  So let's start with some robot looking sculpture used old parts.  Some of these moved or lit up, but they weren't truly functional robots. 
I love how this head looks, it has so much personality, and then you look at what it is comprised of!
 I especially love the fingers on this one, and his bow legs.
 This mixer look familiar to anyone?  It powered a very cool musical sculpture made of piano keys which you can see in the back and above.
 The maniacal grin! The feet made out of shoe trees!  Love sculpture like this, where you look at it, and then look again at another level.
This was my favorite though.  I had the thought that wouldn't it be easier if people had one of these  right on their front where we could see it???
For some reason this is all the pictures I'm able to upload (thankssoverymuchbloggerwhichIcan'tcomplainaboutsinceitisfree!)


MulticoloredPieces said...

This is all so fun! My mom had the same Sunbeam mixer--I hadn't thought of it in years! and the robot sculptured head is amazing. Thanks for showing these photos.
best, nadia

Julie ZS said...

Thanks nadia, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Isn't it fun seeing old appliances and things re-used in such an interesting way? I find it very inspiring.