Monday, June 13, 2011

Lists Being Made, Plans Being Hatched

 My list of what to sew first when my hand is recovered enough is steadily growing.  But this is near the top.  I'll be making the short version of this tunic top, with the fabric on the right as the main body and the fabric on the right as the contrasting cap sleeves.  I'm planning to use the contrast fabric to cover buttons. Yes it buttons in the back (?!). 
I chose the main fabric because it reminded me of all those Spirograph designs I used to love to make.  You know the relatively uncomplicated  one that was the "wrong way" around the outside, making the loopy flower shapes.
I also picked up this strange fabric off the remnant table.  (Gotta love the remnant table at Hart's Fabrics!).  I believe it is a Japanese print and it is a lovely crisp, rough woven fabric, maybe part linen.  I just really dug the designs of the old transistor radios, and the color combinations that were used.  I'm thinking of using part of it on a t-shirt as a central patch. 


MulticoloredPieces said...

Just happened upon your blog and I really enjoy your textile work/play/art. I'm hooked--I'm a follower! Thanks for sharing. I like to see what's happening in the States.
best, nadia

Jaye said...

Buttons in the back are good for husband-wife relations. ;-)

Julie ZS said...

Hi Nadia, glad you found me and thanks for following!

Jaye, good point, thanks for the reminder :-)