Saturday, September 04, 2010

Supremely Seattle

The best sign I saw in Seattle.
I definitely wish we had more of these around.

The Space Needle seen through the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum.

This is a really unique building (Frank O. Gehry designed). The monorail to nowhere goes right through it.
A Jimi Hendrix graffiti-ed guitar.
The tower of guitars was very impressive, it was playing an automated song. The boys were checking out all the guitars and at first were upset that they were all screwed together and no longer playable. Then they decided it was a pretty cool display.
Then there was this beautiful exhibit that stopped me in my tracks, of Supremes costumes from Mary Wilson's collection.
I had to take lots of pictures, it was a real thrill to see these close up.
The graphic-ness of this dress is really intriguing. The short dress behind was made out of colored acetate discs, pretty see-through, it must have looked amazing on the stage under all the lights.

I kept thinking, where in the world and how did she store all these beautiful outfits all these years? Some amazing closet I suppose.

The bodice of this one was so beautifully done, I had to get a close up. I couldn't get up close enough to see if the beads were glued or sewn on.
I remembered a lot of these outfits, especially this one with the butterfly sleeves. I guess I saw a lot of variety shows on TV when I was kid when the Supremes would be performing. I think they had clothes that I wished I had for my Barbie doll.
How do you like the bead chain sleeves? Those wouldn't last a half an hour if I was wearing them!


Jaye said...

I really like that orange chiffon, swingy skirt.

I also love that Car wash sign. Very cheerful!

Anonymous said...

There's an almost identical car wash on HWY 111 down outside of Palm Desert. Makes me wonder if it was a chain or just a similar sign.