Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspirational Small Art

Looking over some of the goodies I bought on our vacation, I thought I'd share these fun art-related ones I purchased in Portland at Reading Frenzy.  Reading Frenzy is an "independent press emporium", selling zines, screenprinted cards, small art, and handmade books like this one.  A very cool place that I enjoyed hanging out in.   Once I picked this little book up I couldn't put it back down.  It is shaped like a matchbook, with  rich, intense colors and an intriguing little fable with engaging illustrations. 

This is from
Red Star Art, which I was unable to find a link for unfortunately, I'd love to find more of her/his/their work.

When you open the book, the folded pages of the story stick up like the matches would.

 And here is the back of book. 

I loved the "close cover before striking" nod to the matchbook format.

I really liked the quote here, plus the design of this screen-printed card was really cool.
Finally, from a more well-known artist, Nikki McClure, a great image of a woman sewing.  Don't you love that one spot of red in the image?

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