Friday, September 02, 2005

Diversionary Threadszzzzzzz

Trying to avoid watching the news from New Orleans at all today. I'm listening to the radio, but I'm just yelling back and scaring the dog, I guess she assumes that I'm yelling at her!
Time to calm down and yack about something not related at all to this horrific catastrophe.

There are lots of comfort quilt activities going on, to give quilters one way to help. Here is one place to check if you'd like to make a quilt for one of the thousands of displaced families, Quilts for Katrina.

So. Onto the non disaster yakking....
I just got a bunch of new threads from, they are made by Spectrum, 100% Rayon, 1100 yard spools and I just love them. Especially at $2.95 a spool! They sew really well at high speed when I free-motion quilt.
Oh, and the red one has a great name: Red Velvet Cake. Had to put that in there for DebR, who loves making that particular variety of cake-y goodness.

I also ordered Minky (not Minkee,hmmmm wonder if there is really a difference?) from them to make a baby blanket for my first ever niece! It is pricey, but quite wide at 58"width, and verra verra pet-able.


Anonymous said...

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Deb R said...

Oooooh, shiny! :-)

(Now I want Red Velvet Cake.)