Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bags of Fun, Why not?

No, not the bags under my eyes.
Or the large collection of plastic market bags next to the microwave.
Or the bags of magazines I'm "saving for using in collage someday...."
But the Bags of Fun challenge hosted by Sharon B. over at her blog In a Minute Ago, emphasis on FUN. Three months to make a bag out of recycled jeans. She has a Flickr group set up for participants to share pictures, go check out all the amazing embroidery getting done, wow!

My first delay getting going on this was a decided lack of suitable recycled jeans around here. I didn't want to use any of my old ones, because, frankly I just don't need a bag quite that BIG thankyouverymuch. ahem. And then there weren't any to grab from the boy's drawers, since we just went through those and donated them. So off to St. Vinnie's (the closest Op shop/thriftstore) where I found a huge array of jeans in all shapes and sizes and colors, picked a smallish size in this nice gray. The sparkly thread looks pretty good on there so far.

I've been having fun with using all the zillions of fancy stitches on my Janome6500, with variegated threads, especially words. And embroidered patches that I've been saving for "something", guess this is something. And fusible patches made with fussycut images from conversational prints.

It's a total mishmosh so far, and there is a loooong way to go til' I'm done. But this is the start I've got on it. Including a good plan for making quilted,comfy shoulder straps out of the pant legs. I'm keeping the pockets functional (ie not sewing through them, at least on purpose!), and I'm going to create a pocket out of the zipper on the front. The more pocketses the better, right? Eventually it will be lined, with some sort of exciting fabric, and there will be a closure of some kind at the top. I bought a magnetic snap closure at PumpkinSeed Quilts, that is by Clover.
And lucky me, in the brand new Quilting Arts Magazine issue, there is an issue about "painting with decorative stitches", so that is cool, I'll practice on this! And, no I'm not doing it all by machine. But I'm doing as much as I can (grin). But I am planning on doing some Embeadery, (embroidery with beads) following along with the fabulous book by my Mav friend, Margaret Ball.


sharonb said...

pleased to have you join us

It certainly is a fun challenge

Samantha said...

Your bag looks like fun- and I was amused to see those day of the dead skulls appliqued on- they're in a project next on my To Do list! I just found your blog thru Quilt Mavericks, and love your stuff!