Monday, November 15, 2004

A Picture, Perhaps?

Just trying this out to see if I can post a picture, does it work???
In case it does: This is the look I give my family when they give me a hard time about quilting alllllll the time.
"are you still quilting?"
"are you ever going to be done?"
"you like quilting more than me!"
and so on and so naseum, so I give them this look.

I love listening to Air America radio on the web. So funny, I needed funny as I was getting too depressed listening to NPR where they give the news straight up with no satire. Guess satire and irony are how I like to cope with the depressing news of the day.

This past weekend I did get to go to my guild meeting, CQFA, which is at
Where we brought UFO's (UnFinished Objects) and asked for advice on finishing them. It was very informal and informative. We have a salad bar lunch which is fun, everyone brings something to throw on a salad. One of the women brings this awesome selection of imported cheese and olives,(her husband is an importer). This time there was a hard cheese almost like a Reggiano which was crusted in a rind of wine pressings (the leftover after making wine), YUM!

I also had the pleasure of attending a family party with the Zaccone side of the family, fun wonderful people. Amazingly enough I'd chose them as friends even if they weren't family, so that makes it all the better to spend time as a group. We're noisy and boisterous and we all were lamenting the election results. Nice to commiserate with people who PAY ATTENTION to what is happening in the world. They also made me show off my quilty stuff, like the triptych I made for my parent's living room wall and the chuppah that I made for Karen and Nir's wedding. That is getting quilted this week, I swear.

Time to go work on my Novel that I am writing for Nanowrimo this month. Set underground, in the post-nuclear-apocalyptic future that I have nightmares about.

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