Thursday, November 25, 2004

Jizos for Peace

On Thanksgiving, my family agreed to participate in a project that June Underwood posted about on the Alternative Quilt list. all the information on how to participate can be found at that site. So here are some pictures showing us working on our jizos, and our final work products. I still have to print out photos of each of us, sew them on and then send them to the Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon.
While we were doing this project, the turkey was cooking, the house was quiet except for some quiet Bob Marley playing in the background, and everyone became very focused and quiet (even the kids!). We kept at it, and as more people arrived we handed them the instructions and some fabric I'd ironed to freezer paper (so that it would be easy to draw on.) I got out all of the markers and crayons, etc. that I've been collecting over the years for working on fabric and they all got used.
Some of the discussions about war, peace, nuclear bombs, etc. were amazing, and they made a big impression on my children for which I am most eternally grateful.
So thanks June for telling me about this project, it was a great experience!

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