Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Infinite Cats

Just found a link to this hilarious website Infinite Cat Project
Might be worth sending in some cat pictures, if I can get them to do what I want.
Hah! Fat chance of that.

Today was spent: Battling flu and finishing Halloween costumes. Oh, and starting a quilt inspired by a batik panel of the Hindu god - Indra. I found some really interesting stuff out about Indra, I think I am particularily enamoured of his title "Sahasra Chakshu or the Thousand Eyed". What an image that creates in my mind. Hmmmm, I've been wanting to do a many eyed quilt lately, perhaps this is it! The 1,000 eyes came from being cursed by a sage whose wife he tried to seduce to have 1,000 wounds that resembling the "female organ". These were later changed into 1,000 eyes. Wow, now there is some imagery to work with. Also he is god of wars, of the heavenly abode, of the weather.
Anyways here is the site I was looking at, pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and I also lazed about reading magazines, all of which came yesterday and today. Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Bead Style and Art Doll Quarterly. And the deluge of catalogs has begun, (open the floodgates). I flipped through them while watching the World Series and marked stuff to get my holiday shopping going.
Tomorrow, I will work on hopefully not feeling nauseous (puhleeze!), and figuring out how to stick a picture in this BLOG.

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